Mobile Statistics Professor® App

Key Features

  1. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  2. Beta Function
  3. Scientific Calculator (infix)
  4. Effective Size
  5. Error Function
  6. Gamma Function
  7. Probability
  8. CDF & PDF
    1. Chi-Square
    2. Fisher F-Distribution
    3. Normal Distribution
    4. Standard Normal Distribution
    5. Student's t-Distribution
    6. p-value
    7. Inverse p-value
  9. Simple Regression
  10. Multiple Regression
  11. Solver (with reverse Polish post-fix calculator)
  12. Summary Statistics

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Business Compass LLC Altman Z-Score+

Key Features:

  1. Analyze Z, Z' and Z'' scores
    • Public US Manufacturing firms
    • Private US Manufacturing firms
    • Non-Manufacturing & Foreign Firms
  2. Generate Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE)
    • Based on industry segment
    • Credit Rating Agency (CRA) Grade
  3. Understand percentile ranking
    • Within and across all industries for manufacturing & non-manufacturing segments
  4. Generate probability of default (PD) over time
    • For new issues & loans and existing issues & loans
  5. Obtain Statistical PD for default BRE
  6. Analyze trends over time
  7. Process Data File
    • Upload data file to web, and access via the App while traveling or presenting a client
    • Eases repetitive data entry, especially for trend analysis
  8. Share result via e-mail
  9. Print from iOS devices and web
  1. Android, BlackBerry and iOS mobile devices
  2. Web

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Mobile Statistics Professor®

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